Giant Sandwich

Summer Eats: The Classic BLT

The genius of the sandwich is multifaceted. First, no utensils required. This applies not only to consuming the meal but to transporting it as well. Wrap it in a napkin and you've got lunch and your lap covered.

When Was It Ever Okay?

I had a whirlwind afternoon of rotten circumstances piling themselves on top of each other, to the point that I had to cease all activity...

Howlin' Wolf

Crazy From The Heat

I camped out at Wholefoods the other day to take advantage of a controlled climate. Heat + Humidity = Hillery at her worst! Mostly I...


Summer Eats: Brown Rice Salad with Creamy Parsley Dressing

This is my favorite summer staple and, along with homemade hummus, I try to keep some in the refrigerator all summer long. My mother used to pack it in my school lunch, ensuring open-mouthed stares from the other children at the lunch table. It is taken from one of her Macrobiotic cookbooks from the early 80s, the title of which has long since escaped me.

Ruining It for Everone

I received the full court press from a little old man on the subway yesterday. Really, I have the digits to prove it. He said,...


Summer Eats: Strawberry Citrus Sorbet

STRAWBERRY CITRUS SORBET is adapted from the recipe for Citrus Sorbet in Francois Payard’s Simply Sensational Desserts. I make it every summer, all summer long. And it was my go-to dessert while I lost weight on Weight Watchers.


My Hero: Eulid Haliday

A carjacker spotted a 70-year-old woman putting a couple of bags of groceries into her van, and probably thought she was an easy target. He soon found out just how wrong he was.

In the Garden: Planting Strawberries

Once I decided to plant fruit in both planters this year, I knew I wanted to try a different strawberry. I selected Ozark Beauties because they are supposed to grow in a more upright fashion and do well in containers like the plant you see on the right. They've also been bred against virus and afflictions like gray mold. And they too are ever-bearing, producing fruit all summer and into the fall. Don't they look plump and delicious?!