Steele At It

I feel about as good as the weather looks right now, which (if the trend continues) may be a good thing–it’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend. I hate being sick or, generally, anything that requires my presence on the sofa all day. To cheer myself up I’ve been screening Remington Steele. I’ve collected all five seasons on DVD, naturally. SteeleTuxI don’t know how men feel about Stephanie Zimbalist, now or then, but Pierce Brosnan is ever a treat for us ladies.

However Remington Steele was far from Mr. Right. Flirt, flatter, and finesse, after all, are not the hallmarks of masculinity. And let us not forget his mysterious past included stints as a thief, smuggler, racketeer, you name it. And that’s another thing, we didn’t even know his real name. He was a very pretty, borderline bad boy and could have easily been played as a coldhearted cad, but the performance brought together his rogue past and all those poncy affectations in a way that served comedy, caper, and romance with equal appeal. He was a dark horse, a 30-1 bet in the Prince Charming race. And that’s probably way more fun than Mr. Right. At least on TV.


Anyway, he made me want to see all of those wonderful classic films he quoted in every episode. And champagne, I remember wanting to drink champagne as soon as possible. And those are exceptionally important skills for adult life!


Hillery eventually learned not to say everything that came to mind. Some were too good not to write down.

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