Alex Chilton (December 28, 1950 – March 17, 2010)

Maybe I was in awe of is his voice. It was a great voice, but more impressive was his control over it. He could evoke a range of emotions and produce the texture of a moment in the time line of musical history and then skip ahead or behind seamlessly. Genius.

OKCupid Member Tests

The Big Lebowski Personality Test was so far afield I had to take it twice (and then delete it). They had me pegged as Bunny Lebowski the first time and next her co-star in smut, Uli Kunkel (AKA "Karl Hungus"). First of all, no way...

Left of the Dial

Pretty girl keep growin’ up…Playin’ makeup, wearing guitar… A slight interruption in our broadcast schedule to let you know, in case you didn’t, how cool...