OKCupid Slut Test

This test is here to measure a part of you that’s very personal and often dirty. YOU, however, are here because your friends are curious how much of a slut you are. Or they already know, and they just want you to see.

OKCupid Member Tests

The Big Lebowski Personality Test was so far afield I had to take it twice (and then delete it). They had me pegged as Bunny Lebowski the first time and next her co-star in smut, Uli Kunkel (AKA "Karl Hungus"). First of all, no way...

OKCupid Politics Test

We wanted to get beyond the two catch-alls of American politics, the Democratic and Republican parties, and see where people actually stand. Parties can bring together people with marginally differing values and make collective action easier. But party platforms can misrepresent their constituents, and blind loyalty to a party can convince individuals to harbor inconsistent views.