Which Black and White Film are You?

Congratulations. You've scored Gilda! Sure, it's a love story, but a love story between the two coldest hearts on the planet. Okay, maybe just in Argentina. Really? As much as I love film noir and the comparison to Rita Hayworth...realistically, any movie representing me would have to be a screwball comedy!


My So Called Life (Begins Again)

Lately I’ve been living on friends’ sofas because I rented out my bedroom to my roommate’s family for the Thanksgiving fortnight. The realization that I wouldn’t be out of town with the ex or squirreled away with him in the middle of nowhere, as we’d planned for so long, was at first quite painful. Yet here in my adorable hotel room in DC, all alone in my king size bed with my exile nearly over, it seems hilarious.

I'm So Not That Guy (Part Two)

I was watching Bukowski: Born Into This the other night and in some special feature the filmmaker commented that he thought Hank wouldn’t have wanted him to make the film he did because it got too close—it showed the duker as vulnerable and often afraid. I thought, ‘Were you reading the same poetry I was?’ To my mind, vulnerability was the force behind every hard line that man ever wrote. If you were looking, you got close a long time ago.