NPR is Blogging About Twilight?!

I spent some time thinking about how much I disliked the book, its popularity, and the willingness of literate, ostensibly observant people to push the burden of badness into the laps of professionals who used to include me. I tried be brief, keeping in mind that this was not my blog. It didn’t really get the job done. So here we are.

Which Black and White Film are You?

Congratulations. You've scored Gilda! Sure, it's a love story, but a love story between the two coldest hearts on the planet. Okay, maybe just in Argentina. Really? As much as I love film noir and the comparison to Rita Hayworth...realistically, any movie representing me would have to be a screwball comedy!

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Part One)

I came to Lost with low expectations and high hopes. I watched the first half of season one in one sitting and I was impressed. Foxy2The pilot alone—with the opening shot of Foxy in the reeds and then the terrifying remnants of the fuselage about to explode and engulf oblivious survivors at any moment—was certainly an accomplishment. The structure, revealing elements of the individual characters’ back-stories in each episode while propelling the larger island drama, was well done. But I wasn’t hooked.