All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Part Two)

There are different kinds of paternity. You have your father and your father figures and then, as we have touched on before, you have those people whose brilliance propels your craft—the fathers of your art. Much in the way that I imagine many American writers of the Twentieth Century felt when a Russian named Vladimir Nabokov came to this country and wrote in our language with more elegance, nuance, and sensitivity than any of them could, it maddens me that I cannot be Sam Shepard.

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (Part One)

I came to Lost with low expectations and high hopes. I watched the first half of season one in one sitting and I was impressed. Foxy2The pilot alone—with the opening shot of Foxy in the reeds and then the terrifying remnants of the fuselage about to explode and engulf oblivious survivors at any moment—was certainly an accomplishment. The structure, revealing elements of the individual characters’ back-stories in each episode while propelling the larger island drama, was well done. But I wasn’t hooked.