In the Garden: Planting Strawberries

Once I decided to plant fruit in both planters this year, I knew I wanted to try a different strawberry. I selected Ozark Beauties because they are supposed to grow in a more upright fashion and do well in containers like the plant you see on the right. They've also been bred against virus and afflictions like gray mold. And they too are ever-bearing, producing fruit all summer and into the fall. Don't they look plump and delicious?!

Which Black and White Film are You?

Congratulations. You've scored Gilda! Sure, it's a love story, but a love story between the two coldest hearts on the planet. Okay, maybe just in Argentina. Really? As much as I love film noir and the comparison to Rita Hayworth...realistically, any movie representing me would have to be a screwball comedy!

I'm So Not That Guy (Part Three)

Some scraggly looking man came in with a few friends just before closing and she suggested I flirt with him. I looked at the man again. He was moderately good looking, but wearing a ridiculous hunting cap—you know, the kind with ear flaps that models were wearing in ads for about five minutes but otherwise have been off the scene since your ancestors really did shoot their dinner. Remembering her gullibility and forgetting her lack of a reference point, I decided it would be funny to pretend that I couldn’t flirt with the guy because he was Paul Rudd. “Who?” Well, he’s kind of a movie star. “So?” And he’s married. “I don’t buy it. Look at that hat.” Okay, I’ll prove it.