On with the show?

Although the VH1 website says Can’t Get a Date! is on hiatus, a friend watched my episode on VH1-on-demand over the weekend.  As far as I can tell, you can order it up (if you have VH1-on-demand) anytime from now through July 2nd (according to Comcast programming guides).  Perhaps this means the show will air soon.  Perhaps not.  They tell me nothing.

Incidentally, her review read as follows:

I watched the VH1 show that you did. That host was a PRICK! I thought you handled yourself really well and he really seemed like an ass. When he made that comment about a history of violence or about you being judgmental, I would have decked him too. Everyone is judgmental. If some trendy girl threw a water balloon at me, I am not sure how different my reaction would have been. Bottom line is you are great and came across as really confident, witty and charming.

Just so we’re clear, I did not deck the host.  I did once hit a man and if you want to know who I guess you’ll have to watch.


Hillery eventually learned not to say everything that came to mind. Some were too good not to write down.

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